Travel Tips for Egypt
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Travel Tips for Egypt

Planning a trip to Egypt? So you have to know  few hints and tips to help you during your visit Egypttripguides give  you loads of useful information to help you make the most of your visit  memorable and  a smooth trip from staying healthy to local customs and how to behave.

First: General Tips

1-When to visit Egypt?

Please check When to visit Egypt Page.

2-Entry Visa

1-Visa is required in visiting Egypt and Depending on your nationality
All Nationalities are required to obtain a tourist visa for Egypt before arrival .Except For Europeans, Americans and Australians and can be purchase on arrival at Cairo airport. and our representative will assist you for getting it.

Visitors who are coming in a quick trips from any Egyptian’s port and have only few hours they exempted from visa.


Cairo airport is located 20 Km to the south east of the center of Cairo. The trip to/from, the airport should takes around 30 – 45 Minutes. So you have to leave your hotel at least three hours before your departure time!
There are Three Terminals at Cairo airport. You have to inform us which terminals you will come through.

4-The Weather

Temperatures in Egypt are generally high, particularly during the summer months from May to August, when the sun can be very strong. If you’re visiting Egypt during this time, take plenty of sunscreen. It’s still fine to visit Egypt at these times of year and the heat is more dry than humid.

In Cairo and the Nile Delta region, winter (October to February) can be cooler, especially in the evenings and at night, so take a jacket, long-sleeved tops and trousers. The south remains warm during this time but again, temperatures do drop in the evenings. This is the best time to visit Egypt for sightseeing if you want to avoid the hot sun.

5-Water and Health

Tap water in Egypt is actually safe to drink but as it is heavily chlorinated we do not recommend that you do as it causes stomach upsets. Bottled mineral water is readily available everywhere. Brushing your teeth and showering with tap water in Egypt poses no problem

Do NOT forget to bring your prescription medicine! It may be generally available in Egyptian drug stores, but it may be called by a different name. So, to avoid confusion and problems bring them with you


The Egyptian Pound (LE )or(EGP) is Divided into 100 Piasters.In Arabic it is called Genaeh Foreign currencies can be change at any bank.
Banks close On Friday and Saturday.
Also ATM machines Are available everywhere.
Note: Don’t change your $, £ or English pounds until your arrival to Egypt – the conversion rate is far better here
**Also you have to carry some Egyptian money during your tours as all Historical sites that you will visit deal only with Egyptian pound


The Electricity current is 220 volts, 50 Hz, and uses Two round-pronged plugs. North American and other non 220-volt users are advised to bring a converter! If you are coming from the UK, you will need an adapter for your plugs (these are available here)

8-What to wear?

Egypt is a Muslim conservative country (not like the Gulf States or Saudi Arabia) but the average people are careful in what they wear. The dress code in Egypt for women is considered conservative by western standards and it is respectful to obey this code. The visitors should respect this attitude. No topless or nude bathing is permitted.

For men it is not really an issue — normal trousers,Shorts and shirt or T-shirt are fine

You do not need to cover your head in Egypt, but dress modestly. Wear pants ,Skinny jeans or long skirts.

Bring comfortable shoes.(that could be sneakers/trainers or good leather shoe) You will be doing a lot of walking and temple floors are far from even.
Sunglasses and Hat are a must as the sun is very strong in Egypt.


Please Note that Salaries in Egypt is very low so a lot of people who offers to you services as at airport,hotels,your drivers and restaurants are waiting that from you as they are depending very much on tips

Egyptians are by nature courteous and gracious hosts they even tipping each others
At the end of your tours:
For The drivers who assist you in your tours give $5-10 per day
For the wait staff in restaurants give 10% from the bill
-For the tour guides If you feel that the guide has been exceptionally informative, knowledgeable and personable, If you have a single guide for one full day’ touring, then the good tips would be a nice gesture
it is whatever you feel comfortable giving based on the quality of the service you have received.
Please Note:- these are only suggested guidelines for tipping At the end it is a kind of appreciation.

Second: Sightseeing Tips

  1. Admission to all sites is payable in LE,(Egyptian pounds) so make sure that you carry enough with you.
  2. There is an additional camera ticket in The Egyptian Museum.
  3. There is an additional fee for the Mummy room at the Museum ,The great Pyramid , second pyramids,and the solar boat. in the pyramids area.
  4. Don’t take photographs of military areas.
  5. Carry a lot of change during your visits. it can be useful when tipping and bargaining.
  6. For ladies please wear long decent clothes, covering legs and arms during your visits to the holly places as Mosques&Churches.
  7. Before entry any mosques you have to take off your shoes.
  8. Wear good walking sport shoes in visiting the pyramids,Saqqara,and in all desert area.
  9. Don’t take the local tour guides in the sites,Only deal with the licensed tour guides.
  10. Inside the pyramids it is quite a claustrophobic experience so if you don’t feel well so please don’t go inside.
  11. At luxor when you visit the valley of the kings or the west bank in general try to have a lot of water with you as it is too hot there.
  12. Avoid to visit the mosques during the Friday prayer (as you can’t enter for visit )but you can after the prayer end.
  13. Avoid visit old Coptic churches during Sunday&Friday in early afternoon as there are a mass hold .
  14. Crime is extremely rare but take care in case so don’t go with stranger to any unknown place,don’t walk in dark streets or in public area alone.
  15. Don’t climb on or touch any of the monuments.
  16. Take care in cross the roads as the driving system in Egypt in the Right Not as U.K .
  17. Don’t try the public transportation they are very cheap here but try to bargain as much as you can if you take it.
  18. If you interest in taking Nile cruise at Aswan and Luxor i recommend to you the deluxe 5 stars Nile cruise and be sure that all includes in prices as (All meals,transportation,tour guide,all of your visits to the sites there.
  19. Some tourists like to overnight in a Felucca (small boat) it is more cheaper than 5 stars one, But you have to know that there is NO facilities it has No beds or have to know that before booking as in the other hands some tourists like some kind of adventure tours .
  20. If you are a photographer or carrying a professional camera with you you will pay surcharge on the tripod.

Please Follow these tips to Make Your Visit More Enjoyable