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Nile cruises

Nile Cruise Trip is very enjoyable experience that any visitor must do when visit Egypt. And it is a floating , 5-stars hotel, providing most of the amenities of a normal 5-star hotel, including a relaxing sun deck and swimming pool. All your meals are included, though beverages and bottled water are extra it sails on the Nile between Aswan and Luxor.
You will have your own en-suite, air-conditioned cabin , and full use of all the boats facilities (restaurants, ships, sun deck, swimming pool,etc)

There are too many Nile Cruises in Egypt. It is hard to choose which Nile Cruise to take. A lot of people don’t know the difference between Nile Cruises and why some Cruises are more expensive and other are very cheap.We try to make it easy for you as much as we can to help you found out the best Nile Cruise for your needs

We use several different 5 star cruise boats on the Nile, However, we ensure they are 5-stars deluxe standard. We send our own private guides on board with you. This means that you do the sightseeing tours with your own private tour guide rather than joining one of the large parties with the rest of the people on the boat. Our guide is also at your service during the cruise to help with any problems with your cabin, requirements at mealtimes, or just to sit and talk about Egypt with you.

Dress Code:-
During the daytime, while enjoying the tours, you can wear whatever you like, though due to the extreme heat it is recommended you wear lightweight clothes. While relaxing on board you may wear shorts and swimming costumes, if you wish.