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Discover the stunning silence of the western desert and Explore the mysteries of the white desert
The white desert has a white, cream color and has massive chalk rock formations that have been created as a result of occasional sandstorms in the area. The white desert is such a beautiful location for camping trips

Leave behind traditional touristic sights and head out into the vast Desert for an adventure camping tour

At night under the stars in the White Desert is an experience never forgotten. As the sky turns pink then deepest fiery orange, the rock-shapes fade and silence is all around.

You can combine your Egypt desert tours with a visit to Cairo Pyramids, the Egyptian Museum, Old Cairo or a cruise down the Nile.

Know before You Go To The Desert tour:-

  • This tour is flexible and can be adjusted to your interests and requirements
  • Please bring the following items with you: passport or ID, comfortable clothing, swim suit, hat, sun glasses, sun protection, a scarf, camera and/or video camera, wet wipes, toilet paper, snacks and a spirit of adventure.