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Saqqara isn’t the step pyramid only,there are lots of amazing tombs and building which you can’t cover them in one day as Saqqara was the cemetery of the old kingdom
If you don’t have time to travel to Luxor so by this tour we will bring Luxor’s tombs for you,this part of saqqara Not less in beauty than Tombs at luxor in the valley of the kings or valley of the Nobles
so have chance to see these tombs while you are in Cairo
it is the second part of saqqara you should see
so this is an unique saqqara tour to show the best of the best in Saqqara


Pick you up from your hotel at 8.30 am Heading to Saqqara

First start to visit the pyramid of King Teti the first pharaoh of 6th Dynasty
the first king of the 6th Dynasty who ruled Egypt for some 32 years.The pyramid can be entered and has extremely beautiful high relief in the subterranean chambers. It contains a basalt sarcophagus in a pented vault with stars on the ceiling.
The entrance corridor had a high, vaulted ceiling decorated with stars and lighted by only a small opening in the east wall. It had an alabaster floor and the walls were also decorated, though little remains of these relieves.deserve to enter!

Continue our tour to the most amazing tombs there as ,

Kagemni who was a vizier at the end of the 5th Dynasty and the beginning of the 6th. His magnificent mastaba was decorated, as was usual at this time, with wall scenes

Mereruka tomb just to the north of the pyramid of Teti, Mereruka was a vizier under the pharaoh Teti. His huge mastaba had 31 rooms (21 for him, 5 for his wife, and 5 more for his son). Mereruka’s monument appears sumptuous when compared to the small pyramid of Teti.

Heading to one of the best tomb next to Kagemni tomb for a great physician Ankhmahor famous by the doctor’s tomb

The tomb is renown for scenes of surgical operations, particularly on a toe and a circumcision, hence its reference to as ‘the physician’s tomb.’

In spite of that Ankhmahor was recorded as a priest. Of course the tomb includes other everyday scenes and interesting funerary reliefs

Continue touring the desert to Mastaba or tomb of TI

The Mastaba-tomb is to the north of the rest house. Ti was a court official in the 5th dynasty. He married a woman from the royal blood and so his children were treated as royals. Ti was also an overseer of the estates and a court hairdresser. His marvelous tomb was discovered by August Mariette in the 1860s.

The tomb is indeed an expressive tomb for the old KIngdom art and it shed much light over life in that era. Though the tomb was in a shape of a mastaba, it is now sunk in the sand.

The huge tomb is approached by a two pillared entrance that opens into the pillared court. The court has a central hole that leads to burial chamber through passageways.

There are also several other passageways and storerooms in the tomb. One of the most famous reliefs of the tomb is a one in which Ti is depicted inspecting the work standing on his boat. Another big scene illustrates Ti on a boat sailing through papyrus marshes while his workers are hunting hippopotamus and fishing. Other scenes include everyday life scenes and work activities of Ti.

Heading to the serapeum but on the way to it we will see the Philosophers circle which is a slant lies a semi-circle of statues of famous Greek philosophers and poets. The semi-circle was set during the Ptolemaic era. The statues represent; Plato, Heraclitus, Thales, Protagoras, Homer, Hesiod, Demetrius of Phalerum and Pindar.

Ends our tour by visiting the Serapeum where the catacomb of the Apis the bulls, the sacred animals of ancient Egyptians are buried. After the death of an Apis bull, it was mummified and placed in a heavy sarcophagus in this subterranean cemetery.several hundred meters of corridors beneath the ground with side chambers. Some of the chambers were containing sarcophagi that are as heavy as 80 tons. Sarcophagi were either made of black granite or diorite. discoverd in 1850 By Auguste Mariette

Pm Stop for rest and taking snacks and drink something then back again to Saqqara to visit and its complex passing the colonnade to
the step pyramid of Zoser the first stone structure built in the ancient world
then then have a free entry to Unas pyramid the first pyramid ever has the pyramids text over its wall,then visit unas causeway one of the best causeway you can walk inside it

you still have tombs to visit as the butchers tombs and the twin brothers (if time permit)

End the tour by having lunch and visit one of the carpet schools which are famous in this village and to see the workers who making the handmade carpets from the kids and the women

back to the hotel

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