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​​​​Cairo is an amazing city which is never sleeps, you will have free time at the end of the day so we offer you wide range of Budget and Cheap Night trips in Cairo that provides Cairo visitors to Explore ​​Cairo Nightlife such as:

​​Sound and Light show

​Everyday when the sunset,The famous pyramids on Giza plateau are arise in the darkness of the night, Sound and light show bring them to life again.
A show skillfully created to help your imagination for an hour to imagine what the ancient Egyptian kings did on this Earth.
A show will bring the history alive to you for just one hour.

English Show starts at 7.30 AM Daily.


​ Pick you up from the hotel Airport and drop you off again.
​ Main ticket to the show.


​ Any extra
​ Any meals
​ Tipping

​​Dinner cruise on the River Nile

Enjoy our amazing 5 stars Nile cruise where you can enjoy 2 hours sailing on the river Nile having dinner and watching the belly dancer and Tanoura sufis dancers,light band shows, this tour is the best option if you are looking for dinner in style in Cairo.
Go to the Deck of the cruise to have nice photos for Cairo at night.


Pick you up from the hotel/Airport and drop you off again
Dinner in 5 stars Nile cruise and desserts (drinks excludes)
All the shows mentioned above


​ Any extra
​ Any meals
​ Tipping

​​A Night at the Egyptian Museum

​Ancient Egyptian comes alive once during a lifetime in a private night tour at the Museum, you will step back in time to the golden era of the ancient Egyptians kings and Explore halls and corridors that house the most famous treasures of King Tutankhamun and his famous Golden Mask weights 11 KG from pure gold.

The feeling is different in the evening..don’t miss it.

*This tour available only on Sunday and Thursday,

from 5:00 PM till 8:00 PM.


 Pick you up from the hotel /Airport and back again.
 Private tour guide.
 Main Ticket.
Private A/C van.


​ Any extra
​ Any meals
​ Tipping

​​Camel ride in sunset or sunrise

​​Enjoy a Camel ride trip at the Open desert of Giza Pyramids during Sunrise and Sunset time.It’s unusual way to Visit Giza Pyramids and having amazing photos for all the pyramids from there.

you can have a local food and drink mint tea or coffee with the Bedouins.

this tour takes from one to two hours depends on your desire.

Note :This an external visit which means you will Not be able to go inside and visit Giza Pyramids & Sphinx if you look for a tour option that includes a visit to Giza Pyramids and having Camel ride there then Check this tour.


​ ​Pick you up from the hotel /Airport and back again.
​ ​Our representative will be with you.
​ ​Food and Drinks.
​ ​Private A/C van.


​ ​Tipping.

​​​Felucca ride on the River Nile

​Take a Short Felucca trip sailing on the Nile in Cairo it takes from.

(45 min up to one hour) to enjoy the sunset view.enjoy a relaxing experience of a Felucca ride on the River Nile,where you can explore the amazing nightlife of Cairo or enjoy the warm sun during the day.


​ ​​Pickup and drop off transfers.
​ From 30 minutes to an hour.


Food or drinks arrange upon request.

​​​Cairo Shopping Mall

You can have nice time at many Shopping Mall As City Stars Mall,Cairo Festival Mall,Arab Mall,Egypt Mall

City stars One of the best Mall as it is in the center of cairo

This is a great place for shopping, food and entertainment! Many brand name shops, Over than 750 stores And many famous restaurant and others offers Egyptian Food as well . They also have cinemas regular, 3D and DBox too! Coffee shops on every level.and kids area to have Fun.


​ Pick and drop off transfers 2- 2-3 hours free time in the Mall


​ Any extra
​ Any meals
​ Tipping

Tanura Sufi Dancing in Al-Ghuri

One of the most breathtaking experiences to have in this city is to witness the amazing Sufi dancers perform in the heart of Islamic Cairo.
you can do it with a walking tour in the local Market (Khan El-Khalili)

It is a weekly dance show available only on ( WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY ) in Wakala Al-Ghori near by Khan el Khalili (the local market)

The term
Wekala is a caravansary.
A place where Medieval traders would rest, spend the night and rest their mules and horses.
Today it’s a picturesque setting for the Tanoura is something like Twirling dervish in Turkey.

The folkloric twirling dervish dance. An offshoot of the original Sufi dance that originated in Turkey, the Egyptian version is more vibrant. Here the skirts are colorful,
the singing is forceful, and the musical instruments include mostly percussion

Once the gate opens and the show starts you will see a group of performers appeared with an array of instruments ranging from the Daf (tambourine) to the Oud and Ney (flute). After a few solos by various singers, a vocalist appeared on a balcony. This specific vocalist, officially known as the Muezzin, sings of spirituality.

In Sufi dancing. The dancer must be spinning in a certain direction related to the direction of the sun. One hand must be pointed to the sky and the other toward the earth, which symbolizes establishing a connection between the two. The circular movements
of the dancer represent the ridding of worldly burdens, until he reaches ecstasy through this attempt to reach heaven. The untying of the belt around the waist towards the end of the dance represents the beginning of his journey to heaven.

Recommended for who are looking for a spiritual & peaceful shows and meditation

Available every Wednesday &Saturday at 8.30 PM


​ Pick you up from your hotel and back again.
​ ​ Tickets for the show.


​ Any extra
​ Any meals
​ Tipping

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