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Egypt Travel Tips

Please read these helpful Travel Tips before visiting Egypt and I made a sightseeing tips includes a lot of Tips that you must know before and during your visit to any historical sites in Egypt.

First: General Tips                                    Second: Sightseeing Tips






First: General Tips

1- Entry Visa:

Visa requirements for entry to Egypt

There are two types of Egyptian visa:

  • Tourist Visa: is usually valid for a period not exceeding three months and granted on either single or multiple entry basis

  • Entry Visa: is required for any foreigner arriving in Egypt for purposes other than tourism, e.g. work, study, etc. The possession of a valid Entry Visa is needed to complete the residence procedure in Egypt

-All Nationalities are required to obtain a tourist visa for Egypt. The visa will cost you around 18-20 U$D For Europeans, Americans and Australians and can be purchase on arrival at Cairo airport.

-Visitors who entering Egypt at the overland border post to Taba to visit Gulf of Aqaba coast and St. Catherine can be exempted from visa and granted a free residence permit for fourteen days to visit the area.

-Visitors who coming in a quick trips from any Egyptian's port and have only few hours they exempted from visa.

- Other Nationalities are advised to contact their local Egyptian Embassy for up to date information
on current regulations

   Citizens of the following countries must obtain a visa from the Egyptian Embassy or consulates  abroad in
        their destinations before entering Egypt AS:-

1. Arabian Countries:
 Palestine, Lebanon, Tunis, Morocco, Algeria, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Mauritania.
2. European Countries:   
Bosnia And Herzegovina ,Commonwealth countries (Russia – Maldives – Armenia – Georgia –
       Kazakhstan – Uzbekistan – Tajikistan– Azerbaijan, Kosovo.

3.Asian countries:
Turkey, China, Afghanistan, Philippines, SriLanka, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh,
      India, Iran, Israel, Magnolia  Vietnam.

 All countries need a visa except Guinea , Conakry.


2- Cairo Airport & Customs


Cairo airport is located 20Km to the south east of the centre of Cairo. The trip to, or from, the airport should take around 30 - 45 Minutes. So you have to leave your hotel at least three hours before your departure time!

There are two Terminals at Cairo airport. You must tell your travel agent or your guide which terminals you will come through in case you are an individual traveller .


Terminal 1: Egyptair domestic and international flights.
Terminal 2: International Airlines.


Others airport:

Alexandria airport is served by Olympic Airlines and Egyptair. Luxor Airport now has direct flights from several European cities via Air France and Lufthansa. Hurghada Airport is also serviced by Lufthansa while Sharm el Shaykh Airport receives charter flights from Germany and France...


The visitor is permitted to enter the country with 250 grams of tobacco, or 50 cigars, one liter of alcohol and personal affects. Animals must have a veterinary certificate attesting to their good health and a valid rabies certificate.
Cairo International Airport is one of the few airports that has a duty free shop upon arrival and departure.


3- When To Visit?


 As the summer months are quite hot, most travelers prefer to visit during the winter months. Coming between the two seasons, March to late May and September to late November, can help you to miss most of the tourist rush.



 4- The Weather


Egypt's weather commonly warm or hot, and nights are cool. Egypt has only two seasons: a mild winter from November to April and a hot summer from May to October.

 The average annual temperature increases moving southward from the Delta to the Sudanese border, where temperatures are similar to those of the open deserts to the east and west. In the north, the cooler temperatures of Alexandria during the summer have made the city a popular resort. Throughout the Delta and the northern Nile Valley, At Aswan, in the south, June temperatures can be as low as 10 C at night and as high as 41 C during the day when the sky is clear.

5- Health


Evidence of Yellow Fever and Cholera immunizations is required from persons who have been in an infected area within six days prior to arrival. These immunizations must be recorded in the International Certificate of Vaccination, the WHO card, issued by the World Health Organization. This document is obtained from authorized doctors in most countries. Persons without the proper immunizations are subject to a 36-hour quarantine at Cairo airport.
Do NOT forget to bring your prescription medicine! It may be generally available in Egyptian drug stores, but it may be called by a different name. So, to avoid confusion and problems bring them with you.

6- Water:

 Don't  drink the tap water! It is okay to wash, shower and clean your teeth with it, but not advised to drink. Mineral Bottled water is cheap and in everywhere.


7- Electricity :


The electricity current is 220 volts, 50 Hz, and uses Two round-pronged plugs. North American and other non 220-volt users are advised to bring a converter! If you are coming from the UK, you will need an adaptor for your plugs (these are available here)
8- Currency  


  The Egyptian Pound (LE ) or (EGP) is Divided into 100 Piasters .In Arabic it is called Genaeh Foreign currencies can be change at any bank most of the banks are open from Sunday to Thursday  
Also ATMs Are available everywhere.
*The Exchange Rate Now is 1 U$D  = 5.40 L.E

   Note:  Don’t change your $, or English pounds until your arrival to Egypt the conversion rate is far better here!

**Also try to carry with you some Egyptian money during your tours as some places that you will visit deal only with Egyptian pound

9- Culture, Customs:

  • Egypt is a Middle Eastern country and has Middle Eastern customs. Whether Muslim or Copt, the Egyptians are deeply religious Also the family relationship is very strong
  •  In general, Egyptians are most accommodating and they will go out of their way to help you and respond to any questions you have...
  • Egypt is a Muslim country, so please respect their faith. Many things that you take as the norm, such as kissing and/or fondling your partner in public, wearing revealing clothing as topless etc., are frowned upon here.

  • For Western women Try to wear a very Modest clothes to avoid anyone bothering you
    Don't try to kiss Any Egyptian women here who offers you a services as your tour guide, or who deal with you in the hotels or travel agents.

  • For couples feel  free  to  walk  arm-in-arm or holding holds. (Same sex couples should be even   more discrete  as homosexuality is  far  less accepted in Egypt as it is in Western countries.
    And please don't surprise if you see two men kissing each other on the cheeks in the street it is common cause this is the way Egyptian men greet each others. they are not Gays at all

    The strange thing is a man kissing a lady hi or goodbye in the street

10- People in Egypt:


 Egyptians are most accommodating and they will go out of their way to help you and respond to any questions you have.
-Here you will find plenty of girls still wearing a veil, it is common And The Egyptian woman is well educated, and looked after by her parents until she gets married. In Egypt 90% of the girls will keep themselves virgins until they get married, this is a common choice in the Middle East, as men usually believe that this is a sign of morality. 95% of men prefer virgin women to marry.


-Salers in Egypt is very low so a lot of people who offers to you services as at airport, hotels, transfers and restaurants waiting that from you as they are depending very much on tips.
Egyptians are by nature courteous and gracious hosts they even tipping each others.


 -Hotel and Cruise staff is another issue. On a Nile cruise, the standard recommended tip amount is $5 per person per day of the cruise - so for a couple on a 4-dayS cruise that would be $40. This is normally handed to the cruise boat reception staff in an envelope when you check out, and then the sum is divided between all the departments on the boat.

For hotels: The bellman who carries your bags to and from your room deserves at least LE5 per bag (more if they’re really heavy!), and if the doorman has helped you by getting a taxi for you, assisting with directions and information, etc. the same, it would be nice to give him LE10 or so when you leave.

-For The drivers who assist you in your tours give $5-10 per day.
 For the wait staff in restaurants give 10% or 15% from the bill.

-For the tour guides If you feel that the guide has been exceptionally informative, knowledgeable and personable, If you have a single guide for one full day' touring, then the good tips that $10-20 would be a nice gesture.

it is whatever you feel comfortable giving based on the quality of the service you have received.
Please note, these are only suggested guidelines for tipping At the end it is a kind of appreciation.






Second: Sightseeing Tips

Things You Should Know to Make Your Visit More Enjoyable

  1. -Admission to all sites is payable in LE, (Egyptian pounds( so make sure that you carry enough with you.
  2. -No use for the cameras inside the Egyptian museum so you have to check in your camera in the museum before entry.
  3. There is an additional fee for the Mummy room at the mecums ,and to entry inside the great , second pyramids, and the solar boat.

  4.   -Don’t  use  flash photography when photographing ancient monuments

  5.  -Take a  lots of  film  or extra memory cards – you'll want to take pictures  of everything  you see.

  6. Don’t  take photographs of military areas

  7. 6-carry  a lot  of  change during your visits. it can be useful when  tipping  and  bargaining.

  8. For ladies please wear  long  decent  clothes, covering  legs and arms during your visits to the holly places as Mosques&Churches.

  9. Before entry any mosques you have to take off your shoes.

  10. Please respect   the  mosques,  they  are  sacred  places,  and  any attempts of  smoking, drinking, or sexual behavior in or around a mosque will not be acceptable. As Egypt  is  one  of  a  just  a few  Islamic  countries  that allow non-Muslims  into  their  mosques.   

  11. Wear good walking sport shoes in visiting the pyramids, saqqara, and in all desert area.

  12. Don't take the local tour guides in the sites, Only deal with the licensed tour guides.

  13. Inside the pyramids it is quite a claustrophobic experience so if you ok in this so go on.

  14. At Luxor when  you visit the valley of the kings or the westbank in general try to have a lot of water with you.

  15. Avoid to visit the mosques during the Friday prayer (as you can't enter for visit )but you can after the prayer end.

  16. Avoid visit old Coptic churches during Sunday&  Friday from 11 a.m :1 p.m as there are a mass hold.

  17. Crime is extremely rare but take care in case so don't go with stranger to any unknown place, don'ny walk in dark streets or in public area alone.

  18. Don’t climb on or touch any of the monuments.

  19. Take care in cross the roads as the driving system in Egypt in the Right Not as U.K .

  20.    Don't try the public transportation. Taxis are very cheap here but try to bargain as much as you can.

  21. If you interest in taking Nile cruise at Aswan and Luxor I recommended to you the 5 stars Nile cruise and be sure that all includes in prices as (All meals, transportion, tour guide, all of your visites to the sites there.

  22.  I don't advice you to overnight in a felucca there as it is more cheaper from the 5 stars one But you have to know that  it has no beds or bathroom if you like that so go ahead.



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