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Entrance Fees

In this page I would like to give you information about the entrance fees to the famous sites in Egypt to help you to make a budget to your trip to Egypt.


Cairo - Giza Luxor Aswan & Abu-simple
Alexandria & El Alamain North and South of Luxor Bahariya & Siwa Oasis



Site Price

1- Cairo-Giza

     Egyptian Museum LE 60
     Royal Mummy Room (extra fees) LE100
     Citadel and the alabaster Mosques LE 50
     Coptic Museum LE 50
     Manial Palace Museum LE 35
The mosques and Islamic houses:
     Refai Mosque LE 25
     Sultan Hassan Mosque LE 25
     Gayer Anderson Museum LE 35
     El Seheimy House LE 30
Pyramid &Sphinx :
     Pyramid &Sphinx LE 60
     Entry to Great Pyramid (extra fees) LE 100
     Entry to 2nd Pyramid (extra fees) LE 30
     Entry to the 3rd pyramid(extra fees) LE 25
     Solar boat meausm (extra fees) LE 50
     Sound and light show LE 75
Saqqara :
     cOmplex+step pyramid LE 60
     New Tombs at Sakkara LE 30
     The open Museum LE 35
     The Bent and the red pyramid LE 30
     ABU SEIR Pyramids  LE 20
Near cairo:
     Hawara Pyramid LE 35
     Meidoum Pyramid (Fayoum)  LE 35
     Karaneis Area (Fayoum) LE 25
     Karoun Temple LE 25
     Port Said Museum LE 15


2- Alexandria & El Alamain

     Catacombs LE 35
     Pompei Pillar LE 20
     Alexandria Library LE 10
     Montazh Palace LE 4
     Citadel-LE LE 25
     Greco Roman Museum LE 40
     Greco Roman Theatre LE 20
     Alexandria National Museum LE 35
El Alamain:  
     Military Museum LE 10


3- Luxor

     Valley of The Kings LE 80+4 pounds train
     Tomb of King Tutankhamen LE 80 - when open
     Deir Al-Bahri LE 30+2 pounds train
     Valley of the Queens LE 35
     Tomb of Queen Nefertari LE100 - when open
     Luxor Temple LE 50
     Temples of Karnak LE 65
     Medina Habu LE 30
     Ramseum Temple LE 30
     Temple of SetiI LE 30
     Luxor Museum LE 80
     Mummification Museum LE 50
     Open Air Museum at Karnak LE 25
     Princes Tombs  LE 30
     Colossi of Memnon Free


4- North and South of Luxor

     Abydos LE 30
     Dendera LE 35
     Esna LE 20
     Edfu LE 50
     Kom Ombo LE 30


5- Aswan & Abu-simple

     High Dam LE 8
     Philae Temple LE 50
     Unfinished obelisk  LE 30
     Sohil Island LE 25
     Elephantine Island LE 30
     Botanical Island LE 15
     Aswan Museum LE 30
     Abu simple temples LE 80
     Kalbsha Temple LE 35


6- Bahariya & Siwa Oasis

     Bagwat Tomb LE 30
     Bahariya Oasis LE 45


     Gebel el Mawta (mountain of dead) LE 25
     Temple of Oracle of Amun LE 25


     Saladin Fortress at TABA ( IN USD) 10 $


General Notes

1-All pricing is quoted in Egyptian pounds.
2-This prices for one adults.
3-For kids from 6 to 11 they have 50%off from this fees (half tickets).
4-Students who carry the international student ID card will have 50%off from the fees (half tickets).
5- Prices are subject to change.
6-In all of this sites only Egyptian pounds are need. No dollars, Euros or English pounds.


** In some of my tours I don't includes the entrance fees to the cost because there are some guests who don't want to feel obligated to actually visit a site.

I leave the decision to the individual traveler as may the travelers want to skip one site from other, But it can be include upon request






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